[learn_more caption=”Deve Persad, Lead Pastor”] A simple guy with a passion for faith, family and football, trying to bring the mission, mercy and message of Jesus to the world. Deve and his family have been part of our community since 1997.[/learn_more]

Jim and Christine 2013

[learn_more caption=”Christine Giffin, Office Administrator”] A wife to the love of her life, and mother of two awesome sons and one amazing daughter(-in-law), who tries to live her life one day at a time, with a heart to serve her family and community with the love first experienced with Jesus. Christine and her family have been part of SEMC family since 1986.[/learn_more]



[learn_more caption=”Theresa Siertsema, Children’s Ministry Director”] A wife to a wonderful husband, a mother who loves her kids and all kids – trying to bring the love of Jesus to children and families through everyday experiences. Theresa and her family have been a part of our community since 2011.[/learn_more]

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