In all we say and do, we want to:

  • Glorify God our Creator who brings about life change & transformation;
  • Love God completely,
  • Love others sacrificially & unconditionally,


To partner with God in developing genuine, fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ


We will develop genuine, fully devoted followers of Christ by:

Loving Seekers Inviting them to Come & See Christ
Building Believers Encouraging them to Grow in Christ
Equipping Workers Releasing them to Serve Christ
Multiplying Leaders Training them to Lead like Christ


The Strategy will reflect the following Eight equal Values:
(taken in large part from Natural Church Development Materials – by Christian Schwarz)

1. (Empowering) Team Leadership
2. (Gift-oriented) Ministry
3. (Passionate) Spirituality
4. (Functional) Structures
5. (Inspiring) Worship
6. (Holistic) Small Groups
7. (Need-oriented) Evangelism
8. (Loving) Relationships

We will strive to pursue our passion, vision, strategy and values with excellence.

For Each Genuine, Fully Devoted Follower of Christ

A Genuine, Fully Devoted Follower of Christ will Faithfully & Actively:

Love Seekers by:

  • being the hands and feet of Christ inviting Seekers to “Come & See” Christ as they “Go & Show”, or demonstrate Christ in tangible ways.
  • developing loving & genuine relationships with them pointing them to Christ.
  • becoming Global Christians committed to World Missions.

Be Built Up as a Believer by:

  • developing loving relationships & passionate spirituality through holistic small groups and other growth opportunities.
  • participating regularly in inspiring worship & passionate spirituality.
  • obediently supporting SEMC sacrificially with their time, giftedness and finances

Become an Equipped Worker by:

  • participating in training opportunities (i.e. Spiritual Giftedness, Relational Evangelism & other Ministry training).
  • putting their training into action, serving SEMC & the Community through their God-given giftedness, personality and passion.

Help Multiply Leaders by:

  • encouraging potential leaders to use their giftedness
  • taking on leadership training & responsibility if so gifted

Download a printable verison here


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