To partner with God in developing genuine, fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ


In all we say and do, we want to:
  • Glorify God our Creator who brings about life change & transformation;
  • Love God completely,
  • Love others sacrificially & unconditionally,


We will develop genuine, fully devoted followers of Christ by:
  • Loving Seekers Inviting them to Come & See Christ
  • Building Believers Encouraging them to Grow in Christ
  • Equipping Workers Releasing them to Serve Christ
  • Multiplying Leaders Training them to Lead like Christ


The Strategy will reflect the following Eight equal Values:
  1. (Empowering) Team Leadership
  2. (Gift-oriented) Ministry
  3. (Passionate) Spirituality
  4. (Functional) Structures
  1. (Inspiring) Worship
  2. (Holistic) Small Groups
  3. (Need-oriented) Evangelism
  4. (Loving) Relationships


For Each Genuine, Fully Devoted Follower of Christ

A Genuine, Fully Devoted Follower of Christ will Faithfully & Actively:

Love Seekers by:

  • being the hands and feet of Christ inviting Seekers to “Come & See” Christ as they “Go & Show”, or demonstrate Christ in tangible ways.
  • developing loving & genuine relationships with them pointing them to Christ.
  • becoming Global Christians committed to World Missions.

Be Built Up as a Believer by:

  • developing loving relationships & passionate spirituality through holistic small groups and other growth opportunities.
  • participating regularly in inspiring worship & passionate spirituality.
  • obediently supporting SEMC sacrificially with their time, giftedness and finances

Become an Equipped Worker by:

  • participating in training opportunities (i.e. Spiritual Giftedness, Relational Evangelism & other Ministry training).
  • putting their training into action, serving SEMC & the Community through their God-given giftedness, personality and passion.

Help Multiply Leaders by:

  • encouraging potential leaders to use their giftedness
  • taking on leadership training & responsibility if so gifted
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