Serving, Praying and Responding in Grace

As those serving in a community and praying for a community, we must also be those who are responding, empowered by the grace of God, to the changing needs of a community. Communities change over time. Those changing needs require changes in response. As a church in a community we must be intentional about our response and unafraid to adapt our strategies and models so that men, women, boy and girls will find their identity and purpose in Jesus.

The challenge for those who us, as followers of Jesus Christ, is that during these messy or chaotic times of uncertainty will require a different set of tools. Helping people to navigate their cultural context can seem like an imposing task, unless there is a recognition of the importance of using the resources that God has given to us as opposed to the way things have always been done.

Canadian culture has not become more complicated. It has undoubtedly become more complex. We are increasingly without a consistent moral foundation. Standards of truth and justice continue to shift. While we will continue to honour our government, we will contend for the justice built upon the foundation of God’s truth. Therefore we will also continue to encourage people to participate in our community – serving among others, through which we develop relationships. From these relationships we will pray, know that God has prepared them to embrace new possibilities that may be both surprising and difficult. As we pray we will then be ready to respond to develop new those new possibilities.

Serve. Pray. Respond. 

All in the grace of God. These are essential tools for this coming cultural season.

Serving, Praying and Responding. They are three words that reflect the vision the Lord has given to us. When someone asks you what it means to be part of the SEMC, we should be able to say that we are a church family that serves, prays and responds in Grace. SPRinG, where new life is continually emerging. SPRinG, where people are being propelled and moved outward as they connect with those who have yet to trust Christ as their Saviour.

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