• on March 11, 2020

CAPP Refreshers at SEMC

At SEMC, while we invest in the lives of one another, it is important that we maintain a safe environment, especially for our most vulnerable participants. Following our Child Abuse Prevention Plan policies and procedures helps us do just that. Here are some highlighted safety tips for our SEMC Family: 

⇒ In case of a fire at SEMC, please proceed to the southeast corner
of our parking lot. If students are in KidJAM, they will proceed outside with their
KidJAM classes. Please allow them to be counted with their KidJAM classes before
collecting. Please remember, DO NOT LEAVE THE PROPERTY until the all clear
has been given, or alternate instructions are given by the Ministry Lead**
In case of a tornado warning while at SEMC, please proceed to the KidJAM
Meeting Room (Room 104 in the centre of the basement). Please wait here for
further instruction by the Ministry Lead.

⇒ First Aid Kits are located in each room throughout the church. There are two MAIN first aid kits. One is located in the kitchen by the telephone, and the other is located on the shelf across from the KidJAM office/nursery door. Please record all supplies used in order for us to keep them up to date. An AED is also located just outside the elevator door is needed.

⇒ Bathroom Safety – when our KidJAM kids are in KidJAM, please
use the bathroom in the office hallway. If you use the KidJAM bathroom, please
be aware that parents are responsible for their children’s toileting needs. The
doors will be propped open when students are using the bathroom during
childrens’ events.

⇒ Our CAPP program can be cumbersome, but it is our privilege to do everything
that we can to help keep our students, vulnerable adults, volunteers, and
attendees safe! Your cooperation in completing our refresher training helps to
do this. If you have not completed this training, it can be completed online
through our website at under the resources tab. A paper
copy can also be obtained from Erin Johns. Thank you for all you do as volunteers
to help make SEMC the community that it is.

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