• on August 10, 2017

Co-Pilot Training

Here’s another way in which the Lord is at work among our church family this summer:

Our theme verses for this year are found in Matthew 28:18-20. These are verses often called “The Great Commission” and they are given to every person who follows Christ as their Lord and Saviour. At the beginning of May, we spoke on our hope, prayer, vision to see the Great Commission take a greater hold among those in our church family. If you weren’t there or perhaps need a refresher, check out the audio of “Ready for Take Off”, at this link .

CoPilots copyIn mid-July we held a gathering for those interested in being Co-Pilots. That is  people who recognize that they are already involved in relationships with those who are not yet following Jesus or perhaps haven’t  been part of a church family for a long time. You never know what will happen when you do something like this in the summer, but it was awesome to see so many people interested in learning how to use the regular rhythm of their lives, and their current relationships as part of God’s commission on their lives. Even better to recognize that there are others who were unable to make this gathering, but also find themselves developing these kind of Kingdom oriented intentional relationships. The Lord is indeed at work among us, extending His grace-giving reach beyond our Sunday service and into the everyday flow of our lives, in our neighbourhoods, playing fields and workplaces.

At this gathering we had a great diversity of people come to meet with Deve Persad and Cecil Cogswell: People who were new in their faith and those who had been following Jesus for many decades. Each person brought something for a common meal and excellent interaction. We sat outside, listening to each other, relating our hang ups, hopes and praying for God to use us in the lives of others, whether they are one-on-one conversations or a group discussion. In this setting we recognized that you don’t have to be perfect with hospitality: including space and food and that you don’t have to have all the answers. However we also recognized that God is at work among us, therefore there is an importance to being intentional in developing relationships, in being shaped by the Word of God and the Spirit of God and in prayer. These are keys to moving forward.

There’s a song that is just getting some airplay these days.It was recommended by my wife and considered quite fitting and compelling in relationship to these purposeful Life Groups. Take a listen and as you do, consider who you could be inviting into the Kingdom of God to experience the life changing Grace of God through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  It’s called “Come to the Table” by the Sidewalk Prophets.

To that end, our next step, is to develop a “Ground Crew”, a group of people who are specifically willing to intercede in prayer for the relationships and gatherings that God is developing through us. Would you consider being part of this role? Would you consider joining together with others on a regular basis, to pray for the confidential needs and relationships that are being fostered by our Life Groups? If so please contact Deve Persad (

It’s exciting to see how God is at work in and through us these days!


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