• on July 28, 2021

Eradicate Challenge – July 30

July 30 is the United Nations World Day Against Trafficking of Persons. In partnership with Courage for Freedom, we are encouraging you to use your social media profile to bring awareness to his tragic reality.
Use these hashtags in the content when you post on your own pages:
#EradicateChallenge #CourageForFreedom #ProjectMapleLeaf #EndChildTrafficking #ProtectChildren #StopExploitation
Take your photo or videos with a group, your family, organization and individually holding, displaying the sign (available at TAKE ALL types and kinds, the more the better. (Please feel free to wear your brand, or swag or stage yourself in front of your signage, banner, or office if appropriate).
Post your own photo(s) video(s) NOW on all your social media channels using the hashtags #projectmapleleaf #eradicatechallenge #protectchildren and our social media tags
We excitedly await your reply email to confirm your #ProjectMapleLeaf movement participation ( and cannot wait to see your photo(s) and video(s) attached! (We encourage your creativity, using the sign with scenery, pets, food, sports etc. – be yourself, be Canadian).
Make sure to return your group virtual screen shots and in person individual photos and videos to us along with your social media handles in a reply email so that we can tag you to celebrate and acknowledge you in our posts!
#sarniaemc #semc #SPRinG #serveprayresond #servingourcommunity #justice #sarnia #ontario #canada #stophumantrafficking #endhumantrafficking
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