• on February 27, 2022

More to Discover – LENT 2022

Lent is a period of time (this year, March 2 to April 14), practiced by followers of Jesus, for centuries. Engaging in lenten fasting and prayer is a private practice with a two-fold purpose. The two go together. It requires discipline and it’s challenging. However, it’s always life transforming:

The first is to “deny yourself” or “give up” a regular habit or practice in your life for six days each week (Sundays excepted). Some give up a meal, others give up screen time, etc. The second is, to “take up” or focus more intentionally on Jesus Christ: His life, His truth, His free gift of salvation, His expression through our lives toward others.

The point of giving things up isn’t to be reminded of how much we miss them, but rather to be awakened to how much we miss God and long for his life-giving Spirit.

Each day as you read the Bible, ask God to teach you something about His character, about your own value, your relationships with others and your capacity to appreciate and make a difference in the world He’s created.

On Sundays during the Lenten season, the SEMC will be learning through a series entitled, More to Discover. Each week we will encounter periods of time where people, in choosing to give something up discovered something more profound about God, His greater work and how they could participate in it.  We look forward to learning along with you.

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