• on February 26, 2020

SEMC Reflections

At the SEMC, our vision is to Partner with God in developing, genuine fully devoted followers of Jesus.  The means by which we are pursuing this vision can, at present, be summarised by SPRinG (Serve, Pray, Respond in Grace).  As we serve, as part of the SEMC, in our local community or in other places, we rely on the grace of God. As we serve, we will become aware of people’s needs or be confronted with our own limitations, that’s where we pray more specifically: asking the Spirit of God for wisdom, courage, perseverance, love, patience, etc. And then we re-engage, Respond, with the grace that only God can give, in word and in action, just as Jesus modelled for us. Serve Pray Respond, in the Grace of God. 

What does this look like?  It’s as diverse as each individual who calls the SEMC their home. Each one of us has a people, place or group to serve. Collectively, as a church family, these words propel us to SPRinG: 

  • Inter-generational – we serve best when we serve together in mutual submission to the Lord  (i.e. Upward, ABC, Global Mission teams, Camp Mishewah)
  • Practical – we gravitate toward active involvement. 
  • Compassionate – we hurt when others hurt and we want to help make a positive difference.
  • Community-Focused – everything we do, from the use of our facility, to our organisational partnerships, to the function of our ministry, connects with our greater community; emphasising people over programs. 
  • Incarnational – John 1:14 – we are welcoming and non-judgemental in the grace we extend while learning to handle the tension of being fully confident in the truth of God. 
  • Intentional – we respond with purpose, learning why we do what we do and how it fits into God’s distinctive purpose for the SEMC. 
  • Generous – We are learning to give freely, the resources entrusted to us by God, recognising His capacity to faithfully provide for the sustaining of His ministry through the SEMC. 
  • Child-Oriented – over the course of many years at the SEMC, our greatest “successes” have been where the needs of children are being recognised, honoured and addressed by the grace and truth of Jesus. 

We would love to hear your thoughts on SEMC by clicking HERE.

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