UnCOMMON: One Voice (Part 4)
We are overwhelmed by the voices and opinions of too many perspectives on too many topics. The frequency whereby we access information and have information directed to us continues to...
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UNCOMMON: A Way Through the Darkness
Depending on who you are, how old you are and where you live, darkness can seem to press in on you and has the potential to discourage you, drain your...
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UNcommon: The Essential Jesus (Part 2)
  Essential: its’ a word that used to describe that which is basic, common, indispensable and necessary…When Jesus says, “I AM the bread of life”, he is making a declaration...
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Un-Common – Part 1
What if, instead of longing for “normal” or “common” experiences, we once held – what if we learned to look for the uncommon? What if God wanted to show us...
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God is Greater – Nothing is Greater
Finding something is always exciting! It would be devastating to be looking for something and instead find nothing…wouldn’t it? Let’s enter the story of the resurrection of Jesus, through the...
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God is Greater: A Prescription for Fear
A prescription is an instruction given by a qualified person with a direction for treatment. They are given from a perspective beyond our understanding. They are given to not only...
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God is Greater: Looking For Hope
We are a people looking some glimmer of hope. Almost anything. Many are tired, weary, depleted, discouraged, therefore the concept of hope seems appealing, until we realize we have no...
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God is Greater: Ready to Pour
When God says, “I, the Lord, do not change.” It’s a statement that invites proximity, partnership and common purpose because He wants to bless us; He is ready to bless...
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Hew, Are You? (God is Greater – Part 3)
It is entirely possible that though you know about God, the way in which you expend and extend your time, talents, treasures and trust is being done in a way...
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God is Greater: The Incomparable Greatness of God
God’s greatness is one His characteristics — a consistent and unchanging characteristic that is not dependent on day, or time, or our circumstances. Greatness is not just what God does,...
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