• on March 23, 2019

SPRinG Stories – Carol


Carol’s SPRinG Story

Carol has her SPRinG Story start within her own family. A situation involving her son Gordon on January 4th of last year resulted in a call from the emergency room. Gordon was admitted into the hospital because of suicidal intentions. Her son had also been struggling with addiction problems.

Carol shares how she was put in a hard place. She knew she could not go to her son, who was living in a different province at the time. She knew that God had a plan, but she anticipated how difficult that plan would be for her and her family. Carol reveals the fact about herself that she would usually jump in and own something like this and take it upon herself to fix it. However, Carol was going through her own health issues, and it was important to put herself first. She had to trust God, and believe he would take care of her son because she knew she couldn’t be the one to do so.

When Gordon was at the hospital, an old Christian friend came back into his life and was there for him. This friend’s parents took Gordon in, and welcomed him into their home when he was discharged from the hospital. Carol shares how she felt at peace knowing God was at work in her son’s life, “they gave him a roof over his head, and food in his stomach.”

Carol shares that, “Gordon started going to AA meetings, and then God provided something I could never have provided. A bursary to enter in an IP addiction program. God always comes through, and gives you more than you could ever ask for.”

Gordan graduation from the program successfully. He is moving into a sober house, and has been offered a full-time job. Carol tells us Gordan’s faith is returning, and he is experiencing peace for the first time in a long time.  He says he is feeling more alive than he has in years. Carol explains how she and her husband learned so much through this, and understood that you have to let God’s plan unfold in God’s perfect timing.

Carol and Mark have been apart of the Sarnia Evangelical Missionary Church family for a good time now, Carol describes her journey with thankfulness for those who took time to pray for her and her family, “throughout the past 5 months many people have held Mark and I up in prayer, and I am thankful for my church family at the SEMC. Most of all, I am thankful for God who shows grace, even when we don’t deserve it.”


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