• on November 2, 2018

SPRing STORIES – Pim and Coby

Pim and Coby Van Reenen start their SPRinG story when they were approached about a missions trip to Guatemala. They knew it was something that needed thought and prayer. As they took time to consider this opportunity, God continued to speak to them about it.

After deciding they were called to go on this trip, they were soon knee high in serving God in this way. Pim was a part of the building team and they spent the trip building homes and chicken coops. The building team got the opportunity to deliver the coops they assembled, as well as six chickens and enough feed for the chickens for two years. The families who received the chickens and coops could benefit from having their own chickens that would provide their own eggs to raise for food and to sell.

Coby worked with the medical clinics. They treated about 800 people. The team saw horrible and heartbreaking things that were in part due to the lack of medicine. Coby tells us, “a lot of people would give up feeding their families to buy medication.”

There is a high need for medical clinics. The team even brought the medical clinic to the dump because there are Guatemalan people living in there. They are known sadly as dump dwellers, and Coby tells us that she saw a little boy who was a 5th generation ‘dump dweller’. “It was heartbreaking, it broke my heart to see how people were living.”

While working along side tough stuff, Pim and Coby both got to realize their weak points and strong points which fell into place quickly. This is the third missions trip that Pim and Coby have gone on as a couple. As they reflect on the importance of serving God together, they are reminded of the blessing of getting to experience the same joys, “We’re a team. God has blessed us, and we try to be a blessing to others. If you can do it, it is amazing to serve God that way.”


Coby holding a baby (one of her favourite tasks on this trip)

Coby delivering the chickens.

A nurse and the translator at the clinic at the dump.

Waiting area at one of the clinics

Setting up breakfast for the kids

The full video with their SPRing story can be found at PIM AND COBY’S SPRING STORY.

Coby has also had a the opportunity to be involved in a follow up project as a result of their time in Guatemala. You can read more about that here:

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